Japanese Gourmets

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Antoshimo Cafe & Bakery

Location: L10 6

Antoshimo is a well-known Okinawa café and bakery. The most popular Okibun and some other Okinawa steaming cuisine are provided in Antoshimo.

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Bento Express

Location: L2 (AEON)

Bento Express offers a wide range of scrumptious Japanese bento for office workers, which are nutritious, convenient and at reasonable prices.

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Location: L10 2

Established over 30 years ago, the highly popular curry house hits a record-breaking number of branches all over the world.

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Hokkaido Tokachi Butadou

Location: L10 4

Mainly offers grilled pork meal in various Japanese culinary techniques, as well as fusion creations such as thick-cut grilled pork in chocolate cheese curry sauce.

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Location: L9 25

Kokonoi Sushi Restaurant offers various sushi dishes, sashimi dishes, donburi, and Japanese style meals.

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Location: L1 (AEON)

Mikichi assembles your all-time favourite in one place by uniting seven greatest genre of noodles originated from Japan.

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Nippon Sushi Dining

Location: L10 5

The first restaurant in Hong Kong targeted to bring novel experience to diners from time to time by crossover with different themes and talks of the town.

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Pepper Lunch

Location: L10 3

A popular DIY steakhouse with its signature red-hot teppan from Japan.

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Location: L2 (AEON)

With the accretion of making delicious gyudon (beef bowl) for a century, Yoshinoya maintains its standard of quality by selecting prime ingredients.

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