Dah Sing Credit Card Hello MegaBox Shopping Promotion


1) Instant reward up to HK$200

Spend designated amount to redeem Starbucks or AEON vouchers by using Dah Sing Credit Card! Payment by Dah Sing Credit Card through Samsung Pay can earn up to HK$200 cash voucher! Shoppers who use Dah Sing Hello Kitty Credit Card can get extra Hello Kitty premium!

Redemption details:
Date: 13/9 to 5/11
Time: 10:00am - 10:30pm
Venue: G & L9 Information Centre

Accumulated Eligible Transaction at MegaBox on same day *Reward (“Basic Reward”)*#Double Reward for All Eligible Transaction made by Eligible Card via Samsung Pay (including “Basic Reward”)#Extra Reward for All Eligible transaction made by Dah Sing Sanrio Credit Card+
HK$800 - HK$2,999 HK$25 Starbucks Cash Coupon HK$50 Starbucks Cash Coupon 1 pcs of Hello Kitty Folder
HK$3,000 or above HK$100 AEON Cash Coupon HK$200 AEON Cash Coupon 1 Bottle of Hello Kitty Distilled Water
* accumulate 1 or not more than 3 same day sales slips by same Dah Sing Credit Card to meet the Eligible Transaction
# Shopper must redeem the reward on the same day of the purchase. Quota applies until stock last
+ Dah Sing Sanrio Credit Card refers to Dah Sing Hello Kitty Credit Card, Dah Sing My Melody Credit Card, Dah Sing Sanrio "50th Anniversary" Credit Card, Dah Sing Little Twins Star Credit Card or Dah Sing Bank Credit Card

2) Enjoy extra 1 hour Free Parking Offer
From Monday to Friday, drive-in after 3:00pm, upon spending over HK$200* and present Dah Sing Bank credit card to enjoy 1 hour free parking offer.

Redemption Details
Date: 13 Sep - 5 Nov (Monday to Friday, except Public Holidays)
Time: 3:00pm - 10:30pm
Venue: G & L9 Information Counter

Terms and Conditions:
1. Upon conducting HK$200 or above Eligible Transaction or Eligible Samsung Pay Transaction with Eligible Card, Eligible Cardholder is entitled to get extra one hour free parking by presenting credit card sales slips, original machine-printed sales receipt and Eligible Card at the G or L9 Information counter in person from Monday to Friday (after 3:00 pm) during the Promotion Period
2. Each Eligible Cardholder will be entitled to enjoy the Offer once a day during the promotion period. Eligible Cardholder will be entitled to enjoy the Offer once even if Cardholder presents more than one Eligible Card
3. Eligible Cardholder must drive-in after 3:00 pm and presents the credit card and Octopus which used to access car park at MegaBox’s Shroff office to enjoy the Parking Offer
4. The Offer has to be processed before drive-out.
5. The Offer is applicable to private cars and motorcycles only, each vehicle is entitled the Offer once a day
6. Extra one hour free parking has to be used in conjunction with MegaBox year round parking offer, please visit www.megabox.com for MegaBox year round parking offer.
7. The credit card sales slip, original machine-printed sales receipt must be clearly stated as after 3:00pm.

3) Special Offer
Enjoy tenant’s special offers by using Dah Sing Bank card!
Please click here to view the offers!

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